The Yum Bum Ice Cream Cone Butt Plug: The Cutest Toy I’ve Ever Butt-Plugged

Who wouldn’t be attracted to something so cute that they feel the need to stick it in their butt? That’s how I felt when I saw the Yum Bum Butt Plug. A butt toy that’s shaped like the cutest little ice cream cone — as someone who believes in making more things look like dessert, I was more than excited to give it a try. The Yum Bum has a gorgeous swirl of ice cream in a lovely cotton candy pink. Beneath that, it rounds out into a tan-colored cone, complete with waffle pattern. At the base, there’s a pink puddle of melted ice cream — a cute touch that also serves as a flared base to keep the toy in place. The result is about as adorable as a butt plug can get!

I was really eager to try the Yum Bum because, if it felt as good as it looked, it would easily become my favorite toy — both in my hands and in my behind. However, that’s where things took an unfortunate turn

Not-So-Soft Serve

The Yum Bum is a dainty little toy, less than four inches long, and less than two inches in girth at its thickest point — certainly not too thick. The slim tip widens very gradually, so it should have felt like a piece of cake. But the silicone is surprisingly hard and rigid – almost feels like plastic. This made insertion more difficult than expected, despite the ridges on the toy’s surface. The cute, swirly ridges create a ribbed texture and can be stimulating for some. However, for those with sensitive assholes like mine, they can feel more like speed bumps than enhancements. I’ve struggled to get this toy inside me on several occasions, but with lots of lube and some dirty porn, I managed to get it in place. The orgasms I experienced were more intense, but the toy was too hard to use regularly.

Still My Cutest Butt Toy

I wish the Yum Bum was softer, because if it was, it would join my regular rotation of toys. Despite its hardness issues, I think it’s ideal for people who enjoy using glass or metallic sex toys or like textured butt plugs. Alas, it just doesn’t work for someone like me — someone with a sensitive backdoor. It’s super adorable, and I’d love to use it more, but I’ve resigned myself to the fact that this little gem will remain tucked away until I can level up my anal skills.

If you enjoy playing with glass butt plugs or metallic sex toys, the Yum Bum could be an exciting new addition to your toy collection, especially if you’re into textured butt plugs. However, if you prefer something softer and gentler, it’s probably not the right fit. Despite its issues, I can confidently say that it’s the cutest butt toy I have ever encountered.