Maximizing Pleasure and Satisfaction with Thrusting Dildos

A thrusting dildo is a sex toy that vibrates and simulates the feeling of penetration from a penis. These toys run on rechargeable batteries and come in different weights to recreate the sensation of real penetration. Thrusting dildos are great for solo play when craving intense thrusting.

Some thrusting dildos can be used manually, while others have suction cups to stick to the wall or floor for hands-free use. We’ll cover more features below.

What Is a Thrusting Dildo and How Does It Work?

A thrusting dildo not only vibrates, but also moves. Mini motors inside the shaft casing power the thrusting motion. The shaft often looks and feels like a real penis but can be smooth.

Inside the toy, internal parts compress air, making the toy thrust upward. This mimics the motion of a penis stroking vaginal walls.

A major benefit of thrusting dildos is they’re very accessible. Just turn it on, position it, and enjoy. Thrusting dildos maximize solo play by doing the work for you. Most let you control vibration and thrusting separately to vary sensations.

Do Thrusting Dildos Feel Good?

Thrusting dildos offer unique sensations since they move faster than the human body and hit the G-spot precisely with their curved shafts. While simulating partner sex without needing participation, we recommend first-timers temper expectations.

A common concern about thrusting vibrators is whether the thrusts will feel too intense or uncomfortable, especially on the cervix. Men also often worry about rectal pain.

While valid concerns, thrusting toys actually have less impact than sex. You’ll likely find thrusting dildos provide moderate thrusting. Most models also allow adjusting thrust length and speed. The Naked Addiction 9-Inch model, for example, comes with a remote to control thrust speed.

For those finding penetrative sex sometimes uncomfortable, a slower, shorter thrusting vibrator can provide relief. Don’t be discouraged if a thrusting dildo doesn’t meet expectations at first. Try different positions and features to find the most pleasurable combination.

Choosing the Best Thrusting Dildo

Thrusting vibrators come in diverse designs and settings. Beyond the core thrusting mechanism, each model offers a unique mix of features.

To help choose, we’ll explore key characteristics of thrusting toys. Keep these in mind when shopping to determine your preferences.


There are three main types of thrusting dildos:

Classic Thrusting Dildo

Some feature a realistic penis shape with simple design variations like texturing and tip size. Most classic thrusters stimulate the vagina and G-spot, while bulbous models work for anal play.

Thrusting Rabbit Dildo

These provide clitoral and vaginal stimulation through vibration modes, including in the shaft and ears. Many have spinning beads to further enhance internal stimulation.

Thrusting Butterfly Dildo

Butterfly models have a rigid nub for direct G-spot contact and controls to stimulate the clitoris. Some offer lighter clitoral touch with fluttering ‘wings’ against the labia.

Alternative Models

Newer models forego thrusting motions. Instead, a solid ball rattles inside a hollow tube when powered on, creating intense, jackhammer-like sensations.


Non-porous thrusting dildos are ideal since they resist bacteria growth with water-resistant surfaces. Silicone is gentle, retains body heat, and transmits sensations well. ABS plastic is more rigid but transfers vibrations intensely. Both are non-porous.

Material affects lube choice. Silicone vibes like the Big Shot model require water-based lubes.


With thrusting dildos, bigger isn’t always better. Size should optimize your pleasure and comfort. Oversized dildos can be uncomfortable for beginners, so smaller models like the Pretty Love Leopold Mini may be preferable.

Medium or small vibrators offer a safer choice for comfort and accessibility. Finding the right shaft size is key for enjoying solo play.


Thrusting dildos come in various shapes – long, short, girthy, curvy, or flexible. Many have suction cup bases for hands-free use. Some feature flared bases for straightforward anal play.

Those seeking realism can opt for realistic penis shapes with smooth or ribbed, veiny textures. More playful choices offer vivid colors and glitter.

No single toy suits everyone, so choose subjectively. Straight shafts perform well under intensity but clean easier than curved ones.


Toys with separate controls allow customizing each feature. Most use buttons on the base, while some have wired or wireless remotes. These adjust thrusting and vibration options.

Many offer multiple speeds, intensities, and patterns to vary sensations from gentle to vigorous. Some rotate, stimulating from all angles, like the Jack Rabbit’s thrusting, rotating, and vibrating mix.


Thrusting motors can be noisier than other vibrators and lack a discreet “whisper mode.” Some descriptions provide noise ratings to set expectations.

Tips for Using a Thrusting Dildo

Get to Know It Before Use

Fully charge new rechargeable toys before first use. Afterwards, run until nearly dead before recharging to maximize battery life. Since thrusting dildos offer various speeds and patterns, take time to explore the settings and controls. Reviewing product videos can elucidate all available features.

Set the Mood

Using a thrusting dildo is about satisfying desires. Rushing reduces the excitement these toys can offer. Take time to build anticipation for climax. Do whatever puts you in a sexy mood and enjoy yourself. Dim lights, watch erotica, relax, and let your imagination run wild. Heighten pleasure by touching yourself with the dildo before use.

Use Plenty of Lube

Thrusting can cause friction, so lube is key with thrusting vibrators. Lube prepares your body for thrusting without hurting sensitive areas. Generously apply lube to yourself and the dildo before inserting and starting your session. Remember that silicone and oils can damage toys, so use water-based lube.

Start Slowly

Solo play helps develop a deeper connection with your body and its most sensitive areas. Foreplay is part of preparing for penetration. Starting before fully aroused can mean the difference between orgasm or not. It’s unnecessary to instantly maximize thrusting speed, whether you’re a beginner or veteran. Instead, start with vibration only, gradually add lighter thrusts, then build to full orgasm-inducing power.

Best Positions to Try

The Minimalist

Spread your legs out and lean back on your bed. Thrust the dildo in while keeping your legs bent and raised. Turn on the thruster once in place. For more filling, twist and insert while lying on your side to tighten your vagina.

Down on All Fours

Securing the dildo behind you on all fours feels like doggy-style penetration. It’s easy to access your clitoris this way to learn preferences for later partnered play.

The Watcher

Sit upright with slightly bent legs above the dildo on a bed, sofa, or chair. Partners can enjoy watching, and this position enables deep filling while simply accessing the G-spot. If discomfort arises, try slower, shallower penetration. Seek medical advice for any persistent pain after stopping use.

Cleaning and Storage

Carefully clean new toys since bacteria may linger. Ensure toys are completely safe and clean before use. Cleaning depends on waterproofing. Avoid submerging toys with mechanical or wired parts lacking waterproofing. Read instructions first.

For waterproof toys, use warm water, mild soap, or toy cleaners. For non-waterproof, avoid water contact but clean with wipes or antibacterial soap. Let toys dry fully after cleaning before next use. Store thrusting dildos in toy bags away from sunlight, dust, and moisture to prevent damage.

Final Thoughts

Finding the ideal thrusting dildo requires weighing all size, design, and material options. These toys provide adjustable speeds, vibration patterns, and pulsation to suit needs. The right thrusting dildo delivers sensations for multiple orgasms.