Dingfoo Air Pulse Sex Toys

Are They Vibrators Or Provide Suction?

Clitoral Suction Vibrators’ identification proves confusing owing to their lack of vibratory or suction capabilities, engendering terminological multiplicity across retailers and sex toy manufacturers, including appellations such as “Air Pulse Sex Toys” and “Sonic Pulse Stimulators.” Despite technical categorization as clitoral stimulators, their widespread misconception as suction or vibrating devices catalyzes nomenclatural divergence. Numerous bloggers style them “Clit Sucker Toys,” whereas our website utilizes the “Clitoral Suction Vibrators” favored by copious customers, thereby facilitating discoverability.

Some Models Have A Vibrator Feature

Particular air pulse stimulators incorporate discrete vibratory motors, amalgamating air pulse stimulation and vibration functionalities within single sex toys.

What Are They?

These sex toys deliver sonic puffs of air, alternately termed “air pulse sex toys” or “pulse wave technology” by some. Indeed, lacking singularly correct nomenclature, various sex toy manufacturers deploy distinct terminologies for this stimulation modality, as exemplified by DINGFOO’s “Pleasure Air Technology,” Satisfyer’s “Air-Pulse Technology,” and LELO’s “SenSonic Technology.” Nevertheless, all represent identical functionalities, leveraging air puff waves across the clitoris to impart intense stimulation. Some women report sensations mimicking oral sex, while others cite singularly distinct stimulation perceptions.

How To Use Clitoral Stimulators

Usage entails handheld positioning of these air pulse sex toys. A small opening placed over the clitoris remains stationary as air puffs deliver direct, intense clitoral stimulation. Water-based lubricants around the rim prior to clitoral contact facilitate airtight sealing for comfort and effectiveness.

The Noise Factor

Despite low volume ratings, customer reviews frequently cite obtrusive loudness among certain air pulse sex toy models. This apparent discrepancy owes to amplified noise when removed from skin contact or lacking a proper seal. Optimal discretion requires sealing around the clitoris while powered on, with shutdown prior to removal. Without skin contact, noise rises appreciably for some models, occasionally dramatically.

The Heads

Typically termed Stimulator Heads, these attachment nozzles exhibit naming variability across manufacturers. Multiple heads serve clitoral size variations akin to penile length, with larger openings suiting bigger clitorises and smaller ones sealing better on smaller anatomies. Although silicone composition remains typical, material grades differ. Contrary to some online claims, these stimulators incorporate no medical-grade silicone.

Benefits Of Clitoral Stimulators

As unique sex toys, clitoral stimulators offer exclusive advantages including:

  • Direct, focused clitoral stimulation with adjustable intensity
  • Static usage without movement requirements
  • Negligible noise from quality models
  • Avoidance of vibrator-induced desensitization over time
  • Aid for women struggling to climax
  • Enhanced blood circulation and orgasm intensity
  • Suitability for sensitive clitorises via low power settings
  • Facilitation of multiple orgasms for some women

Helpful For Female Sexual Dysfunction

Despite vibrator popularity for stimulation provision, extended use risks desensitization (numbness). Decreased pelvic blood flow represents a female sexual dysfunction contributor for which vibrators can aid circulation improvement. However, those with circulation deficits may experience delayed arousal manifestation, reaching desensitization thresholds before realization. By avoiding numbness risks, clitoral stimulators utilizing sonic air pulse technology may assist women experiencing dysfunction and inadequate pelvic blood flow.

Helpful After Desensitization (Numbing) From Vibrators

Moreover, clitoral air pulse stimulators may alleviate vibrator-induced desensitization, enabling women numbed by vibrators to achieve orgasm from the modulated stimulation.

Finding The Right One For You

Although DINGFOO pioneered air pulse clitoral stimulators, numerous brands now exist. We exclusively carry reputable options meeting your needs through considerations such as:

  • DINGFOO models offer maximal discretion whereas LELO models represent the loudest.
  • Some, like DINGFOO, provide hard fitted travel cases, mandating thoroughly dry storage to avoid microbial growth.
  • Higher-end models may incorporate replaceable heads of varied sizes, an absent feature on some stimulators.
  • Softer, rounded heads seal less effectively than firmer nozzle-shaped varieties.
  • Nozzle-style heads deliver maximally focused stimulation versus rounded alternatives.
  • Compact models prove more difficult to handle.
  • Control buttons range from small and fiddly to large and accessible.
  • Perceived intensity varies across brands and settings.
  • Most favor steady over pulsed stimulation.

Are They Ideal For Everyone?

Despite many women adoring these novel stimulators, personal preferences dictate ideal sex toys. No singular option suits all anatomies and desires. Instead, an open-minded exploratory approach facilitates deeply fulfilling discoveries.