Exploring the Process of Importing Sex Toys from China

Should you contemplate initiating an adult toy enterprise or wish to engage in overseas shopping, China emerges as a favorable destination. However, you might wonder:

What is the Process of Importing Adult Toys from China?

Prior to executing your business plan, ascertain the legality of importing adult toys in your respective country. Certain jurisdictions prohibit the import or sale of synthetic sex organs, as indicated in the map below:

Upon confirmation of legality, proceed with identifying a suitable company to fulfill your business requirements.

Identifying a Reliable Supplier

Internet Research

Efficiently use search engines by incorporating keywords such as Factory, Wholesale sex toys, OEM, Manufacturer, Customized, Supplier, etc. Subsequently, evaluate the resulting websites, reach out via email, and pose your queries.

Assess the relevance of their responses as a measure of their credibility. Consider arranging a phone or video call prior to finalizing orders or production.

Most companies invest heavily in online marketing and strive for exceptional customer service in the pursuit of long-term business relationships.

Additional Considerations

What Details Should be Considered Prior to Purchase?

Beyond the basic parameters such as quantity, size, and color, consider product material and your specific needs. A future article will delve into the specifics of selecting ideal adult toys.

Upon determining a suitable product, place your order with the seller. At this point, you have accomplished most tasks related to importing, allowing you to await the arrival of your goods while the seller handles operations.

Further, it is imperative to consider shipping methods.

Shipping Options

In China, a majority of adult toy sellers utilize China Post for distribution.

China Post offers competitive pricing and reliable services, delivering to a wide range of international locations. Although slower compared to express services, it remains a viable choice for many.

Upon goods reaching customs, a minor import duty ensures clearance, followed by the final delivery, typically taking two weeks to a month.

Alternatively, some buyers opt for International Express delivery, especially for customized products. This service expedites order confirmation, facilitating subsequent business discussions.

Upon sample approval and bulk order completion, various transport methods, including International Express, Air, Sea, or Land, are available. Based on product size and the presence of batteries, engage in a detailed dialogue with your seller to select the most suitable shipping method and complete the bulk purchase.

Regular importers may already have established forwarder partnerships in China. In such cases, the seller needs to deliver goods to your forwarder to complete the transaction.


While the import process may appear complex, it is fairly straightforward. The critical aspect involves understanding the legality of importing adult products in your specific country, with no significant difference from importing regular products.