Elevating the Pleasure of Fellatio: Eight Techniques to Consider

Blow him like a good girl

When it comes to oral pleasure, it’s not just about the physical act itself. More often than not, the experience transcends beyond the mere act of giving pleasure.

Yes, the endeavor may result in a sore jaw or neck. It may even seem like a lot of work, repetitive even. But that’s not the entirety of it.

You partake in this intimate act because it elicits a certain thrill, a sense of being adventurous, daring.

Perhaps, more importantly, it’s about the reaction you garner from him. The large reactions you evoke can be intensely arousing.

The ultimate aim is to make him feel incredible, for there are few things that feel better than receiving such attention.

These aspects of the act, the emotion, the connection, the reactions, are what make giving head a truly enjoyable experience.

And needless to say, the better you get at it, the more enjoyable it becomes.

So here, we present several tips and techniques that can heighten the experience for him, and in turn, make it more exciting for you.

Make It Wet

A well-lubricated experience is often a more enjoyable one.

The wetter the scenario, the smoother the process. When his member is properly lubricated, it eases the act for you, especially if he’s of a larger size.

For him, a wet experience provides the exact sensation he craves, making it highly pleasurable and stimulating.

Therefore, don’t hesitate to make things a bit messy. Your natural saliva can work wonders in this situation.

If you struggle with natural lubrication, flavored lube can be a delightful alternative. Besides providing the needed lubrication, it also treats your taste buds.

Another option could be the Slow Sex Mouthwatering Spray, which aids in producing ample saliva to make the experience truly wet and satisfying.

Make Yourself Wet

An enthusiastic performance can greatly enhance the pleasure for both parties involved.

The more you engage in the act, the more playful and creative you can be. It encourages you to show off your skills, radiating a confident and sexy demeanor.

Arousal can significantly fuel this enthusiasm. So, if you aim to give an unforgettable performance, ensure you’re in the right state of arousal yourself.

You could fantasize about the act or watch some suggestive content to get yourself in the mood.

However, pleasuring yourself while performing can be the most effective way to maintain your arousal. While manual stimulation could be distracting, a wearable vibrator like the Lush or the Flexer could offer a convenient solution.

Another viable option is a toy you can straddle, like a torso doll or a suction cup dildo, allowing you to enjoy your own pleasure while focusing on him.

Mastering the Art of Oral Pleasure

Engaging in the intimate act of fellatio is not as daunting as it may seem.

Once you’ve involved your partner in this intimate act, there’s a good chance he will find pleasure in your advances.

However, it’s worth noting that repetitive bobbing alone might become monotonous. Hence, to elevate the experience, introducing variation is crucial.

This implies making your tongue a dynamic player in the act.

Treating his phallus akin to a popsicle, indulging in flavorful licks, can be arousing.

A delicate tease on the head with nimble flicks of your tongue can enhance the sensation.

Letting your tongue flatten out, while it embarks on an explorative journey along his shaft, can make the encounter more memorable.

If you’re comfortable with it, don’t hesitate to add a playful lap at his testicles.

Integrating these moves can make your performance appear enthusiastic and pleasurable for both. It introduces an array of sensations for him to relish, making the experience more intriguing for you.

Additionally, it adds a layer of spontaneity to every fellatio you partake in – no two encounters will be exactly the same.

Implementing a Bell Curve of Stimulation

For many men, the fantasy of spontaneous fellatio is appealing.

The image of you gracefully setting your hair, dropping to your knees, and initiating the act with passion and zeal certainly has its charms.

Indeed, it can make him feel desired and bring an exciting element of surprise.

However, an impromptu performance should be reserved for special occasions. More often than not, a steady build-up can enhance the heat of the moment.

To ensure a remarkable experience, start gently. Let your lips and tongue playfully tease him, providing slow, tender strokes.

Enhance the ambience by integrating some provocative conversation.

In doing so, you build anticipation for the climactic moments, rather than rushing towards them.

As the excitement builds, you can gradually intensify the actions. Pick up the pace, add suction, and do anything that elicits moans of pleasure.

If the end goal is an orgasm, passionately use your mouth to lead him towards climax, followed by a comforting cuddle session.

If not, allow yourself to gradually ease off. Instead of abruptly stopping when fatigue or discomfort sets in, slow down so he can anticipate the conclusion.

In essence, you should approach fellatio like a bell curve – start gently, peak at intensity, and then return to gentle motions.

Following this rhythm, he will be able to anticipate when the act is drawing to a close, allowing him to savour the final moments of pleasure.

The Power of Eye Contact

The issue of maintaining eye contact during fellatio elicits varying opinions. Yet, a consensus could be reached that a tasteful amount of it is beneficial.

Steady eye contact throughout can be disconcerting, and not doing so is acceptable. After all, your focus is elsewhere.

However, occasional eye contact can inject a certain erotic intensity into the act.

It manifests a sense of intimacy and presence, and the awareness that you’re interested in his reactions can be a potent aphrodisiac.

Feel free to keep your eyes closed if you prefer, but remember that an occasional gaze into his eyes will be appreciated.

The Art of Provocative Conversation

Provocative dialogue is indisputably arousing. It illustrates that you’re as invested in the act as he is.

You don’t need to conjure complicated or creative phrases. Simplicity can be equally effective.

Express admiration for him and his masculinity.

Openly express your pleasure in providing him with such enjoyment.

Involve him by asking whether he appreciates your actions, or what he might like you to do.

You could even playfully question whether you appear attractive while performing.

Despite being preoccupied, integrating a few lascivious phrases can significantly enhance the experience.

Subtle Invitation for Dominance

The idea of facefucking can be disconcerting for some, given the aggressive portrayal in adult content.

If you find such intensity appealing, by all means, engage in it. Let him take control while you revel in the submissive role.

However, if you find such intensity off-putting, you can still integrate this element in a more subdued manner.

Ask him to take over but guide him in doing it gently. Inform him of your comfort levels regarding speed, depth, and intensity.

Ensure the experience is pleasurable for you, not just him.

This adds a layer of variety, enabling him to be more proactive rather than a passive recipient. It caters to his dominant instincts while portraying you as an active participant, which can be intensely arousing.

Engaging with His Climax

If you prefer swallowing, you can bypass this section. You have already mastered the climax of fellatio, and kudos for your prowess.

However, if you are not comfortable with swallowing or prefer him not to climax in your mouth, you can introduce an alternative finale by playfully engaging with his climax.

This can vary depending on your comfort with semen and your level of arousal.

Playfully interacting with the result of his orgasm can be provocative and mischievous, adding an enticing conclusion to the act.

Allow his climax to trickle down onto your breasts. If he ejaculates on your chest, press your breasts together to spread it around. Use the head of his penis to massage it in.

This can prolong his arousal as he descends from his orgasmic high.

Such an explicit act can make a lasting impression and become a cherished memory.

Unleashing Your Inner Passion

At times, a relaxed approach to fellatio may be more desirable.

Perhaps you are in the mood for a leisurely session or you want to indulge him without exhausting yourself. Or maybe, your arousal is at a simmer, making a lazy approach apt.

Regardless of the reason, it’s perfectly fine.

However, there are times when you might feel the urge to increase the intensity. When you strive for the gratifying sensation of providing an exceptional performance and eagerly anticipate the ensuing praise.

That’s when you employ techniques like these. When you’re providing pleasure of this magnitude, you’re not just providing fellatio, but you’re also blowing him away.